Thursday, March 5, 2009

In Preparation for Wood Meets Paper in Seoul

Work is progressing on making the pieces for the Wood Meets Paper installation to be shown in Seoul this summer. The exhibition is titled: Drawing Now 03: Wood Meets Paper, and will be held in the Drawing Center, Seoul Olympic Museum (SOMA). The invitation to show Wood Meets Paper in Seoul came about when the SOMA curators saw the work when it was first shown at the Pearl Street Gallery, in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY and saw it as a kind of drawing in space - hence the invitation to present it as a drawing show. Some images follow that give a sense of the studio in full swing, with Boris working on timber circles and the new ellipses being introduced, and Mary spraying the abaca sheets to make the large sheets of paper. This project has turned into something of a family affair with Mary's brother Lance and his partner Kate visiting so we took the opportunity to have them assist with the papermaking. Even Boris' son, Adrian, has been co-opted to help.

Mary spraying abaca to make large sheets

Boris working on layering circles

Lance and Kate on the job

Boris moving onto larger circles

Checking the drying

The march of clamps - happy green feet

Nicely translucent

Adrian in the action

A new elliptical form

We gave this street person a job

A new piece in the making

Some initial ideas for SOMA