Sunday, May 25, 2008

Madrid Exhibition Opening

Boris Curatolo - Sculpture Exhibition
“Tiempo y Materia” (time and materials)

Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles,
Madrid, June 18 through July 21, 2008

Featuring a collaborative installation with Mary Sullivan:
Wood meets Paper

The Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles in Madrid, Spain, is pleased to present an exhibition by the sculptor Boris Curatolo Rasines entitled ‘Tiempo y Materia’ (time and materials). Simple geometric shapes inspire the work of this artist, who uses tension and gravity on open forms in wood and steel to investigate the nature and limits of these materials. His artwork finds formal and expressive balance with a minimum of material elements. This show will include the installation ‘Wood Meets Paper’, created in collaboration with the Australian artist Mary Sullivan. This work was first shown as part of the tenth annual D.U.M.B.O arts festival in Brooklyn, New York, in October of 2006. For that occasion, the two artists created a network of circular forms joined by thin strips of wood and hung it from the ceiling of the Pearl Street Gallery in Brooklyn. These circles of various sizes made from laminated poplar wood and covered with large sheets of hand-made paper, seemed to float, encompassing the entire gallery space and evoking dance-like motions. This installation will be adapted to the space of the Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles in Madrid and will be shown along with other works by the sculptor.

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Ami said...

This is such a gorgsous installation. I sent the blog details to mum with the hope that she knows what a blog is! I love the way the entire work has a sense of movement and a flow- some sort of energy around it. Congratulations once again.
Ami & the boyzzz