Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wood Meets Paper Opens in Madrid

On Wednesday, 18th June, 2008 our Exhibition, Wood Meets Paper, opened at the Centro Cultural Villa de in Móstoles, outside of Madrid. The installation was part of Boris Curatolo’s sculpture exhibition, Time and Materials. It was a relaxed evening meeting new friends and family members – even two Londoners – Brett and Clayton - dropped in for the opening - they had seen the original exhibition at the Pearl Street Gallery in Brooklyn.
Putting together Wood Meets Paper took three days - Boris had made the wooden circles in advance of my arrival - and this allowed some time for Boris to make a new wooden sculptural piece.
The gallery was a challenge with the open space and many columns but the pieces flowed around the columns and allowed the sculptural pieces to breathe. This was a challenging experience and we now look forward to a new kind of installation in Seoul, Korea in 2009.

Wood meets Paper in Madrid

Ready for the opening…

A few words of welcome…

The columns were OK to tether a small blue truck…

Brett joins us
The Oz-London connection - Clayton, Graeme, Mary and Brett
Pepe and Mariecarmen (Boris's former art teacher and his mum)


Nick Miller said...

How magnífico!

What a fantastic (and enormous!) space to be exhibiting your work. I can see how the columns might have been challenging to work around but I think you've done an amazing job.

Some wonderfully fluid and beautiful creations Mary, you should be very proud!

All the best with the exhibition and talk soon.

Love Nick & Ange

Nisha said...

Mary...I love the shadows that the pieces cast on the walls...absolutely spectacular! Congratulations once again on the show!

lots of love

katzenroehrl said...

It looks beautiful!! Congratulations on the show!
richard and desiree

pratcli said...

The exhibit is awe-inspiring! Congratulations Mary on your success!
Peter and Jack